Enhancing the Local Church with Music


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  • Enhancing the Local Church with Music

    Enhancing the Local Church with Music

    Music can have a profound impact on a person's life, both mentally and spiritually. Listening to music can enhance a person's capacity for retaining information, increase the ability to work cooperatively in groups, and help those with learning disabilities focus. In addition, those who study music often have a larger vocabulary and are more skilled readers. Music can calm or excite us; lull us to sleep or wake us up. The psalms speak of the spiritual impact that music can make in a person's life. Psalm 33:1–3 vividly illustrates music as a way to worship: "Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! ...more

  • Talents For Christ: A Lifelong Experience

    Talents For Christ: A Lifelong Experience

    For many Talents For Christ participants, competition day and the award ceremony can seem like the end of the Talents For Christ experience, but in actuality, it is just the beginning! The goal of Talents For Christ is to equip students for a lifetime of serving God. Serving God begins early in life, with parents encouraging their kids to explore their talents and interests. It continues with the investment of coaches and teachers, and then through personal investment in practicing and studying. Every hour spent studying, reading the Scriptures, and being mentored prepares students to use their God-given abilities, whether in ...more

  • 2016 TFC Planning Under Way

    2016 TFC Planning Under Way

    It's beginning to look a lot like . . . Talents For Christ! It's that time of year again when teens across the country start thinking about competing in Talents For Christ. The TFC state and national directors are busy preparing and getting the promotional materials ready. Be a light for Christ in 2016! Start thinking about what category you would like to participate in. If you are a pastor or work with the teens at your church, encourage them to develop their skills for serving Christ by participating in Talents For Christ! Talents For Christ material and registration will be ...more

  • 2015 Talents for Christ Winners

    2015 Talents for Christ Winners

    OMAHA, Nebraska—The following students won first and second place at the Talents For Christ national competition on Thursday, July 2, 2015. Download a high-resolution photo of the TFC winners. Art First Place: Anna Smith, First Baptist Church (Elyria, Ohio) Brass First Place: Abraham Steenhoek, Maranatha Baptist Church (Grimes, Iowa) Second Place: Daniel Greenhalgh, Germantown Hills Baptist Church (Metamora, Illinois) Female Public Speaking First Place: Hannah Frederick, First Baptist Church (Niles, Ohio) Female Voice First Place: Charlene Watkin, First Baptist Church (Creston, Iowa) Second Place: Rebekah Johnson, Brookdale Baptist Church (Moorhead, Minnesota) Oral Interpretation of Scripture First Place: Garrett Johnson, Calvary Baptist Church (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) Second Place: Laura Christensen, Faith Baptist Church (Carroll, Iowa) Piano First ...more

  • Talents for Christ Competition 2015

    Talents for Christ Competition 2015

    “I just want God to be the main focus,” says Gabrielle Gerber of Indianola, Iowa. She is a Talents For Christ contestant competing in the woodwinds category with her clarinet. Gabrielle is attending the 2015 GARBC Conference in Omaha with her mother, Mishelle, and accompanist Elizabeth McKey. She hopes to win a scholarship to Faith Baptist Bible College, where she plans to study music education. Talents For Christ exists to challenge students who are actively involved in GARBC churches to develop their God-given talents for ministry within their local churches and to honor those who demonstrate exceptional preparation and skill. Each ...more

  • Registration Deadline Today!

    Registration Deadline Today!

    Don't forget to submit your registration for Talents For Christ today! Competing in TFC encourages teens to get involved in their churches and serve Christ with the interests and abilities He has blessed them with. Compete for a scholarship or compete for fun. Either way, teens will develop their talents for God's ...more