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  • Talents for Christ Competition 2015

    Talents for Christ Competition 2015

    “I just want God to be the main focus,” says Gabrielle Gerber of Indianola, Iowa. She is a Talents For Christ contestant competing in the woodwinds category with her clarinet. Gabrielle is attending the 2015 GARBC Conference in Omaha with her mother, Mishelle, and accompanist Elizabeth McKey. She hopes to win a scholarship to Faith Baptist Bible College, where she plans to study music education. Talents For Christ exists to challenge students who are actively involved in GARBC churches to develop their God-given talents for ministry within their local churches and to honor those who demonstrate exceptional preparation and skill. Each ...more

  • Registration Deadline Today!

    Registration Deadline Today!

    Don't forget to submit your registration for Talents For Christ today! Competing in TFC encourages teens to get involved in their churches and serve Christ with the interests and abilities He has blessed them with. Compete for a scholarship or compete for fun. Either way, teens will develop their talents for God's ...more

  • Register and Compete in TFC

    Register and Compete in TFC

    Participate in Talents For Christ and encourage teens in your church to participate in Talents For Christ! Talents For Christ has a number of categories, so everyone can find something to participate in. Whether you want to compete as an individual or as a group, compete for a scholarship or just for fun, get involved and say, "I'm competing in Talents For Christ!" We all possess talents or skills that God has given us. TFC works to develop these skills and interests and encourage their active use. We all need to get plugged in to the local church and start ...more

  • 2014 Talents For Christ Winners

    2014 Talents For Christ Winners

    Congratulations to the following individuals, groups and teams! TOP TEAM AWARD Emmanuel Baptist Church of Warrenville- Naperville, IL GROUP COMPETITION Duet Faith Baptist Church- Iowa City, IA 1st Place Instrumental Ensemble Emmanuel Baptist Church of Warrenville- Naperville, IL 1st Place INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION Art Samantha Betz- Faith Baptist Church, Mason City, IA (Open) 1st Place Samantha Parsons- Young’s Corner Fellowship Baptist Church, Wadsworth, OH (Open) 2nd Place Bible Knowledge Jamie Huang- Faith Baptist Church, Mason City, IA 1st Place Brass Johnathon Wood- Harvest Baptist Church, Bath, NY 1st Place Female Public Speaking Khya Barkema- Faith Baptist Church, Mason City, IA 1st Place Hannah Frederick- First Baptist Church, Niles, OH 2nd Place Female Voice Makayla Nook- Immanuel Baptist Church, Newton, IA 1st Place Grace Millage- Faith Baptist Church, Iowa City, IA 2nd Place Oral ...more

  • Students Compete in Talents For Christ

    Students Compete in Talents For Christ

    More than 20 individual and group competitors participated in the national Talents For Christ competition Thursday, June 26, at Starkey Road Baptist Church, Seminole, Fla. The competition is held each year in conjunction with the GARBC Conference, this year located in St. Petersburg, Fla. Students competed in numerous categories, including music, art, Bible knowledge, and public speaking. Nicholas Guess, a senior who attends Olivet Baptist Church, Westwood, Kan., plays the violin and competed in the strings category. When asked how he has been preparing for the competition, his answer was short and simple: "Practice every day." Nicholas plays in his school's ...more

  • Teens Minister with their Talents

    Teens Minister with their Talents

    Talents For Christ strives to encourage teens to find ways to use their talents in serving God. Preparing for the competition equips teens for a lifetime of service in local churches and in their careers, whether serving in secular or Christian realms. Teens from Emmanuel Baptist Church of Warrenville, in Naperville, Ill., are engaging in this equipping challenge. Each year Pastor Dale Williams uses TFC to help the teens develop their skills, bond as a group, and integrate into the church by ministering with their competition pieces. The need to travel to St. Petersburg, Fla., to compete during the 2014 GARBC ...more