OMAHA, Nebraska—The following students won first and second place at the Talents For Christ national competition on Thursday, July 2, 2015.


  • First Place: Anna Smith, First Baptist Church (Elyria, Ohio)


  • First Place: Abraham Steenhoek, Maranatha Baptist Church (Grimes, Iowa)
  • Second Place: Daniel Greenhalgh, Germantown Hills Baptist Church (Metamora, Illinois)

Female Public Speaking

  • First Place: Hannah Frederick, First Baptist Church (Niles, Ohio)

Female Voice

  • First Place: Charlene Watkin, First Baptist Church (Creston, Iowa)
  • Second Place: Rebekah Johnson, Brookdale Baptist Church (Moorhead, Minnesota)

Oral Interpretation of Scripture

  • First Place: Garrett Johnson, Calvary Baptist Church (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)
  • Second Place: Laura Christensen, Faith Baptist Church (Carroll, Iowa)


  • First Place (Open): Joseph Wang, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Warrenville, Naperville, Illinois)
  • First Place (Scholarship): Jenna Toomey, Altoona Regular Baptist Church (Altoona, Iowa)
  • Second Place (Scholarship): Nathanial Bishop, L’Anse Baptist Church (L’Anse, Michigan)


  • First Place (Open): Samuel Scott, Emmanuel Baptist Church (Warrenville, Naperville, Illinois)
  • First Place (Scholarship): Jason Stalcup, Mount Ayr Regular Baptist Church (Mount Ayr, Iowa)
  • Second Place (Scholarship): Bradley Quick, First Baptist Church (Elyria, Ohio)


  • First Place (Open): Hannah Wang, Emmanuel Baptist Church of Warrenville (Naperville, Illinois)


  • First Place: Erika Wall, Germantown Hills Baptist Church (Germantown Hills, Illinois)
  • Second Place: Jeremy “JP” Ryal, Faith Baptist Church (Mason City, Iowa)

For those competing in the scholarship categories, first-place winners receive $5,000 and second-place winners receive $2,500 toward their next educational step. Five colleges honor the scholarships:

Talents for Christ Winners


Photo Caption (from left)

  • Front: Daniel Greenhalgh, Laura Christensen, Charlene Watkin, Anna Smith, Rebekah Johnson, Hannah Wang, Ericka Wall, Hannah Frederick, Jenna Toomey
  • Back: Abraham Steenhoek, Joseph Wang, Nathan Bishop, Samuel Scott, Bradley Quick, Garrett Johnson, Jason Stalcup, Jeremy “JP” Ryal