Talents For Christ strives to encourage teens to find ways to use their talents in serving God. Preparing for the competition equips teens for a lifetime of service in local churches and in their careers, whether serving in secular or Christian realms.

Teens from Emmanuel Baptist Church of Warrenville, in Naperville, Ill., are engaging in this equipping challenge. Each year Pastor Dale Williams uses TFC to help the teens develop their skills, bond as a group, and integrate into the church by ministering with their competition pieces. The need to travel to St. Petersburg, Fla., to compete during the 2014 GARBC Conference didn’t discourage Williams from continuing to invest in his church’s teens. They made the trip and have gotten fully involved in conference activities.

The group’s flight arrived on Tuesday morning, June 24. After a quick clothing change at their hotel, Celeste Scott, Hannah Wang, and Shaina Todd, Emmanuel Baptist teens, ministered in music at the annual ladies’ luncheon. Their instrumental ensemble prepared the ladies for the speaking ministry of Joy Lancaster, a pastor’s wife, and Emily Hancock, a youth pastor’s wife. Both women, from Starkey Road Baptist Church, Seminole, Fla., spoke on the theme of building relationships.