“TFC helps our students mature and equips them for ministry. Students with musical abilities accompany singing and provide special music. Some teach Sunday School classes for young children. Several young men have preached and given devotionals. Others read or recite Scripture during our services. TFC participants learn discipline and hard work, and they gain confidence in platform and classroom ministries.”

Pastor Tim Capon
Faith Baptist Church
Carroll, Iowa

“Through TFC our students push for excellence in our youth group ministries of choir and puppets. The fact that our students know they will be judged competitively sharpens our group and brings them together as they work on performances. As our teens travel and compete in TFC, we have great times of team-building and fellowship. The opportunity for our group to meet other youth groups who are ministering around our state and across our nation is another bonus. It serves as a reminder that our church is not the only one with teens committed to ministry.”

Youth Pastor David Burman
First Baptist Church
Elyria, Ohio

“We help students set short-term goals to encourage them to discover, develop, and use their talents in ministry-related areas. Through TFC students receive quality mentoring, and adults and teens establish lasting relationships. Our church features the students in Sunday and Wednesday services and in services led entirely by the teens. During summer missions trips the students present their TFC selections in various settings (church, park, nursing home, camp chapels). TFC is an effective means of getting the teens out of the pew and onto the platform for the purpose of significant ministry. Having an army of adult coaches unites young and old in a common pursuit of serving Christ.”

Pastor Bud Hall
Calvary Baptist Church
Bayshore, N.Y.