Developing your skills is an important part of your high school education. During these years you are developing your study skills, communication skills, computer skills, and life skills.

As you work on developing these important skills, be sure to include the development of your ministry skills as well. Working on your ministry skills now will prepare you for a lifetime of service for Christ in your church.

An excellent way to develop your ministry skills is through the Talents For Christ program. For example, if you enter one of the music categories, the time you spend preparing your songs and presenting them in the state competition will improve your music skills. You then can use those skills to serve the Lord in your church. If you choose one of the speaking categories, the time you spend preparing and presenting your speech or sermon helps you sharpen your speaking skills, which you can use to teach others in your church.

The world puts a big emphasis on acquiring skills to prepare you for a career. Developing these skills is important, but they will prepare you only for life here on earth. Developing your ministry skills will have eternal value. Register today to be part of TFC this year.