TFCtour_inlineFor many Talents For Christ participants, competition day and the award ceremony can seem like the end of the Talents For Christ experience, but in actuality, it is just the beginning!

The goal of Talents For Christ is to equip students for a lifetime of serving God. Serving God begins early in life, with parents encouraging their kids to explore their talents and interests. It continues with the investment of coaches and teachers, and then through personal investment in practicing and studying. Every hour spent studying, reading the Scriptures, and being mentored prepares students to use their God-given abilities, whether in music, writing, memorizing God’s Word, speaking, teaching, technology, or art. No matter what gift, it can and should be used to glorify God.

largeEach category in Talents For Christ requires participants to actively participate and use their talents in the local church to encourage students to not just go to church, but to be the church. We hope that being an active member in the Body of Christ is each student’s first step to a lifetime of serving Christ. Whether students go on to full-time Christian ministries or secular jobs, they should be plugged in to serving in, investing in, and growing in a local church!

Scholarships and awards are nice, but what’s better is a heart for serving Christ. That is our prayer for each competitor in Talents For Christ. Are you going to make the commitment to compete and serve? Are you going to mentor teens to develop their talents? Registration is open. The time is now to start your lifelong journey of serving God with the talents He has given you!