Camaraderie may not be a word you use too often, but it’s something that you as a teen experience every day. Camaraderie is that special relationship that exists between people who are sharing a common goal or doing something together.

You may enjoy camaraderie with friends, but you will develop an even higher level of camaraderie with friends in your church when you participate with them and encourage them in Talents For Christ.

Camaraderie in Preparing for TFC

If you will be participating in a group competition (music, puppets, drama), the time you spend with your group preparing for your presentation will draw you closer together. You will be working toward the common goal of performing well and honoring Christ.

If you are not part of a competition group, you can still experience a new level of camaraderie as you listen to your friends rehearse their performance and encourage them as they prepare for competition.

Camaraderie in Presenting at TFC

On competition day, here is your chance to be a cheerleader. If members of your youth group will be competing in Talents For Christ, you can attend the competition to support them. Pray for them, encourage them, and share a Scripture verse with them. That’s true camaraderie!

If you will be part of a group competition, you will experience a special kind of camaraderie as you all try to do your best before the judges.

Whether you will be participating or cheering on your friends, you can enjoy true camaraderie with your youth group in Talents For Christ. Sign up today to participate in your state TFC competition and begin to experience real camaraderie.