If you are like most teens preparing for college, you (and your parents) are wondering, “How will we pay for college education?” College education costs a lot these days.

Most teens look for scholarships to help them pay for college, and often one scholarship is not enough. That is where Talents For Christ can be of benefit. In addition to helping teens develop their talents for serving Christ, Talents For Christ awards valuable scholarships at participating Christian colleges.

  • First-place state winner—$1,000
  • Second-place state winner—$500
  • First-place national winner—$5,000
  • Second-place national winner—$2,500

Notice that the amount for the first-place national winner amount is $5,000. To be a first-place national winner, the competitor may have been also a first-place state winner, earning a $1,000 scholarship. So a winner could potentially earn a $6,000 scholarship! That amount will be a big help in paying for college education.

Scholarships are not the primary goal of participating in Talents For Christ, but they are a valuable benefit of all the time and effort put into competing.

The deadline to register for TFC is March 3. Register today for the state competition so you can develop your talents for Christ and be eligible for valuable scholarships.