Interested in Talents For Christ? Talk to your pastor, youth pastor, or youth leader, or contact the TFC office at the GARBC Ministry Resource Center (1-888-588-1600, ext. 879).

Scholarship Competition (state and national)


    • Scholarship competition fee: $55
    • Deadlines:
      • National Competition: May 25, 2018
      • California: March 19, 2018
      • Illinois: March 5, 2018
      • Ohio: April 4, 2018
      • Wisconsin: March 4, 2018
      • See complete listing of available state competitions. Contact the TFC office at 888.588.1600, ext. 879 or the state director for details on how to be involved.

Open Competition (select state competitions only)

The following states offer open competitions. Visit their state specific page for additional information, fees, and registration form.

Mail paper registration forms to
Talents For Christ
3715 N Ventura Dr.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

If you live in a state that does not have a state competition, you may still participate in TFC. Send to the TFC office a video of one of your performance pieces or a two-minute clip of your speaking presentation. We will then evaluate your performance or presentation to determine if you are at the level to compete in the TFC national competition. You will not be judged, and you will not receive a state scholarship. You must meet the same qualification requirements as stated above for those entering state competition. Call the TFC office at 888.588.1600, ext. 879, for details.

Dates and Places of Competition

  • State: See the schedule here.
  • National: Thursday, June 28, 2018, at Hamilton Hills Baptist Church in Fishers, Indiana (Indianapolis area).