TFCprayer-InlinePreparation for Talents For Christ state and national competitions is in full swing! Registration has closed; busy days lie ahead. Your church can support the program through prayer whether you have teens participating or not. Please pray for the following requests:

  • For participating teens to focus and work diligently in their preparation for the competitions
  • For God to use the TFC program in the lives of teens to build a passion for ministering in the local church
  • For teens to continue to develop their talents and abilities and to share the good news of Christ in various settings
  • For teens as they complete a local church ministry requirement and for their continued service in the overall ministry of the church beyond the youth group
  • For parents and family who support the teens, some of whom are unsaved (TFC can be a great opportunity to hear the Word of God proclaimed!)
  • For state directors as they facilitate the competitions over the coming month
  • For God to bless the colleges that support the TFC program by leading TFC students to their schools to prepare for ministry

Thank you for praying for Talents For Christ!