This year is an exciting year for Talents For Christ. We have made the following changes to TFC to help grow the program and to make it more effective in the lives of students and churches.

  1. The visualized element of Visualized Bible Teaching has been moved into the Female Public Speaking and the Preaching categories to allow participants to utilize visuals in their presentations. We will now call the two categories Female Public Speaking/Teaching and Preaching/Teaching. Ladies can choose to present a speech or a teach a Bible lesson, and men can choose to preach a sermon or teach a Bible lesson.
  2. We have added two incentives for the national competition. We will award each national winner $125, and we will give a $300 RBP gift certificate to the church with the most teens in attendance (minimum of four).
  3. We are expanding the number of students eligible for the national competition by allowing any student who earns a score high enough for a first- or second-place ranking in the state competition to come to the national competition. This adjustment means we could have three or four students from a state come to the national competition in a single category.
  4. Students in a state that does not have a state competition may still qualify for the national competition by sending us a two-minute clip of their performance. We will evaluate their performance to determine if they are at the level to compete at the the national competition.
    The students will not be judged and will not receive a state scholarship.
  5. The scholarship categories for the 2018 competition are Brass, Female Public Speaking/Teaching, Female Voice, Male Voice, Piano, Preaching/Teaching, Strings, and Woodwinds.

Make plans now to be involved in TFC this year to help develop your ministry talents and at the same time have the potential for winning valuable scholarships.