Talents For Christ helps teens develop their God-given talents for ministry within the local church. It encourages students to prepare and to gain skill for serving the Lord. Students may choose to compete in one of two categories: either the Open category or the Scholarship category. The Open category is for students just developing their skills or who are not planning on attending one of the participating colleges. If students choose to compete in a Scholarship category, they have the potential of qualifying for college scholarships on the state and national level.

Why Enter?

Talents For Christ provides great benefits to your students and church, including opportunities to

  • Develop skills—TFC provides an intentional opportunity to train and equip students for particular ministry roles such as vocal and instrumental performance, preaching and speaking, and Bible teaching.
  • Build confidence—TFC helps students gain confidence as they practice and improve their skills for serving the Lord.
  • Gain direction—TFC gives students a high view of ministry and prompts students to consider roles God might desire them to fill in their future.
  • Make friends—TFC brings students from many churches together for competition. These events contribute to a growing network of friends.
  • Establish identity—TFC cultivates in students a sense of heritage and connection with like-minded Baptists from across the country.
  • Receive recognition—TFC rewards students with state and national recognition for participation and achievement in performance with the potential of earning college scholarships.

Who May Enter?

  • Scholarship competition: students in grades 9–12 with at least a C average in school
  • Open Competition: students in grades 9–12 with at least a C average in school. Seventh and eighth graders may participate in the TFC Open group competitions on the state level. Some states have a Junior High competition.
  • All participants must be regular attenders in good standing of a church or mission church/church plant in fellowship with the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.