Talents For Christ has something for everyone! Get the whole youth group involved in TFC. You will build camaraderie and encourage the teens to help each other!

To grow your group’s excitement, confidence, and ability to think on their feet, consider playing games and doing activities with them. Hold biweekly team meetings in which your whole youth group participates in a game and then breaks into smaller groups to practice their individual or group competition pieces. This is a great way to prepare as a team and have fun in the process.

Here are ideas for games and activities:

  • Catch Phrase: Develops the skills of thinking quickly and sticking to the point. (Female Public Speaking, Preaching, Visualized Bible Teaching, Writing)
  • Taboo: Develops the skill of finding alternate ways to describe and say things. Consider making your own cards using topics that might appear in competition. (Female Public Speaking, Preaching, Visualized Bible Teaching, Writing)
  • Name That Tune: Develops the skill of sight reading. Have students bring in their instruments and play random sheet music or songs from a hymnal. (Students participating in Voice could sing “la la la” instead of the words.) Students must get their team to guess the song in as little time as possible. (Brass, Female Voice, Large Group Ensemble, Male Voice, Piano, Small Group Ensemble, Strings, Woodwinds, Vocal Duet)
  • Charades or Pictionary: Develops the skill of nonverbal communication. Use topics that might appear in competition to encourage students to think creatively and expressively in competition. (Female Public Speaking, Preaching, Visualized Bible Teaching)
  • Scattergories: Expands thinking and ability to say things in multiple ways. (Female Public Speaking, Preaching, Visualized Bible Teaching, Writing)
  • Trivia: Develops knowledge base. Create multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank trivia cards that cover the Bible passage used in the Bible Knowledge competition, as well as questions on definitions. (Bible Knowledge, Writing)
  • Cranium: Combines many of the categories/ideas above. Consider making your own version using trivia, charades, Pictionary, name that tune, and a word game. (Involves All Categories of Competition)

Compete as a team in Talents For Christ and be the first youth group to take home the TEAM AWARD! The team award will be awarded to the youth group with the highest percentage score at National Competition. (Individual entries will be added up and averaged to find out the team percentage. Entries can be in the Open, Scholarship, or Group divisions. Your team must have at least 5 entries in TFC to qualify. If your youth group is not large enough to qualify, consider joining with an area youth group and competing as a team.)